Thursday, May 28, 2009

A trip to the hospital May 19-22

We had quite the scare last month with Carly. After several days of vomiting , diarrhea, and several trips to the doctors office, Carly was admitted to the hospital. She was checked for ear infections, bladder infections and finally after 3 days in the hospital she was diagnosed with rota virus. She got extremely dehydrated and was very lethargic. She wouldn't talk, no smiles, she just moaned and slept. I felt so bad, she was so sick. She wanted mommy to make her feel better and I didn't know how. In fact, when she cried so did I. I guess it didn't help that I had just spent a week in the hospital the month before. When Carly was admitted into the hospital, Brielle was only a month old and nursing. I didn't know what else to do then to keep her at the hospital with Carly and I. My mom stayed with us so she could help me with the baby. We tried our best to keep from spreading the virus to Brielle, but she ended up getting it anyway. Luckily, she did just fine staying hydrated. I stayed during most of the day at the hospital and Shane spent the nights so that I could take the baby home to sleep. The doctor wanted Carly to stay in the hospital until she would start to drink liquids again. She didn't want anything to do with food or drink for the first few days. It was really sad to see her so lifeless and feeling so sick. I was relieved when she started smiling again. We got to take her home on Shane's birthday. What a nice gift.

We had lots of visitors and Carly got lots of love, cards, balloons and gifts. Thank you for all that everyone did for us while we were there, and for all the prayers on Carly's behalf.

The kids came to visit Carly and brought get well cards to help cheer her up.

Sweet little Carly

Carly refused to eat or drink anything most of the time she was at the hospital. The few times she did eat, she wanted pickles, french fries, and ice cream. So that's what we ordered.

Shortly after Carly was admitted to the hospital.

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